Turkey at the heart of a node of polymorphic crises in the Eastern Mediterranean

By abuse of language, reference is generally made to the strong tensions between Greece and Cyprus and Turkey when it comes to the crisis in the Eastern Mediterranean. This theater concentrates, in reality, a large number of actors all having different objectives, and yet all in tension as a result of behavior beyond the control of the Turkish president in the area. France, Russia, Egypt, Israel, the European Union, all are today involved in a crisis which could have considerable implications. President Erdogan has indeed launched, in recent years, a series of military and troop relocation operations that have led all of his neighbors, as well as their allies, to actively prepare for the possibility of an armed conflict. with Ankara.

This theater cannot be summed up in a simple opposition between two antagonistic camps, in spite of the way in which some European political leaders want to perceive it, in a way too simplistic. Because the Turkish armies are not engaged on one, but on four fronts simultaneously, each with its own actors, and its own context. To understand the complexity, and the danger, of what is playing out today in the Eastern Mediterranean, it is essential to review these 4 aspects individually.

The Greek air force has been on alert since the Turkish mining exploration vessel Orus Reis entered the country's Exclusive Economic Zone, escorted by a fleet of frigates and corvettes.

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