60% of Germans want increased cooperation with France on the international scene

Sometimes studies offer results that surprise their sponsors. This is how a study conducted jointly by the American think tank Pew Research Center in Washington DC, and the Think…

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Does Hervé Guillou, Naval Group's CEO, call for an “Airbus Naval” appealing to European manufacturers?

Since the start of discussions for a rapprochement between the French Naval Group and the Italian Fincantieri, two of the main European defense naval groups, a notion has come up repeatedly,…

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French proposal for widespread deterrence displeases in the United States and Europe

The proposal made by French President Emmanuel Macron during a speech on the developments of French deterrence, and its possible extension to the European level, is for…

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Europe would be unable to face Russia without the United States, Munich Security Report says

Each year, at the Munich security conference, a report is published to highlight the key points of global security. The report of ...

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In terms of deterrence, Germany favors US protection over a partnership with France

On February 7, 2020, during a speech given to the War School interns, French President Emmanuel Macron wanted to open up a negotiation opportunity at the level of ...

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The Bundestag validates the first phase of the SCAF with many reservations

The vote of the Bundestag, the German parliament, in favor of funding the first phase aimed at developing the demonstrator of the Future Air Combat System program, or ...

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President E.Macron lays the foundations for a renewed French defense strategy

The speech delivered by French President Emmanuel Macron this morning to the War School trainees was awaited by the National Defense community, but also by the European community. And the…

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