Is Russia preparing a massive drone strike against Ukrainian infrastructure?

Several consistent indicators point to an upcoming massive strike by Russian drones and missiles against Ukrainian infrastructure, in order to deprive the population of its means of subsistence in Winter, and the State of its means of control over the country. The October 25 strikes against the Khmelnitskyi nuclear power plant could be the last act of Russian preparation for these conventional strategic strikes with a low lethal footprint.

On the morning of October 25, Russian long-range attack drones, likely Geraniums derived from Iran's Shahed 136s, struck the vicinity of the Khmelnitskyi nuclear power plant.

The attack on the Khmelnitskyi nuclear power plant on October 25, 2023

Although around ten drones were shot down by Ukrainian anti-aircraft defenses, the damage was very significant, particularly near the nuclear power plant, as confirmed by the teams from the International Atomic Energy Agency dispatched to the site.

According to the Ukrainian report, the drones and debris generated by the interception of some of them caused around twenty injuries, mainly from falling glass, and caused significant damage to 1400 homes, as well as buildings. housing schools and health centers.

It is, obviously, not possible to confirm or deny the results transmitted by the regional authorities. However, the damage near the Khmelnitskyi power plant was noted by the IAEA, leading to temporary power cuts. power supply to certain nearby radiation measurement sites, and the concern of the international agency.

If this strike, in the immediate vicinity of a nuclear power plant, is already worrying enough in itself, it could well be nothing more than a dress rehearsal for a massive and general strike phase by Russia against Ukrainian civilian infrastructure, the approach of winter. Three factors tend to support this assertion.

Russian production of Geranium drones and Kalibr, Kh-55/101 and Kinzhal missiles

Firstly, numerous reports and Russian press articles have indicated that Russian industry is now producing a large number of drones each month, and in particular, Geranium drones derived from the Shahed 136.

Widely used last spring, these long-range attack drones, of Iranian design, can travel up to 2 km, according to Tehran, to attack a target using a military charge of 500 kg.

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