Faced with Ukrainian resistance, the Russian armies change their strategy

While the Russian offensive is marking time in front of Kyiv and Kharkiv, and the cities given as Russian hands, such as Kherson and Berdyansk, continue to resist despite a very deteriorated situation for the Ukrainian defenders, the Russian armies seem to have he radically changed his strategy to overcome the Ukrainian resistance. Renouncing special operations and heavy use of airborne forces, Russian forces are reportedly engaging in a much more conventional doctrine, with massive attacks carried out by combined arms battalions backed by heavy support artillery and tactical aviation, leading to fears of a very rapid increase in losses...

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The 7 main defense challenges of 2021

2020 was a year of extraordinary intensity in terms of defence, both politically and technologically. And whatever some media say, it is very likely that 2021 will be in the same vein, with increasingly intense international friction, accelerating global rearmament, and increasingly clear-cut national positions, all leading to an increase in number and intensity of crises. Certain subjects will have to be followed with great attention in the weeks and months to come, because they will very likely be able to condition the Defense issues for 2021 and the years to come. The Defense Policy…

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Turkey at the heart of a node of polymorphic crises in the Eastern Mediterranean

By misuse of language, reference is generally made to the strong tensions between Greece and Cyprus and Turkey when it comes to the crisis in the Eastern Mediterranean. This theater concentrates, in reality, a large number of actors, all with different objectives, and yet all in tension as a result of the out-of-control behavior of the Turkish president in the area. France, Russia, Egypt, Israel, European Union, all are today involved in a crisis which could have considerable implications. President Erdogan has indeed launched, in recent years, a series of military operations and troop movements that have led all of his neighbors, such as…

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Russia in turn deploys forces along its border with Belarus

While internal tensions surrounding the conduct of the presidential election are growing in Minsk with the arrest of the opponent's campaign leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaïa, relations with the Russian neighbor are also at their worst. A few days ago, following the arrest of about thirty Russian men presented as paramilitaries belonging to the Russian private military company Wagner and suspected by Minsk of having entered the country to cause unrest during the presidential elections, President Alexander Lukashenko had ordered the deployment of nearly 3000 men on the Russian border, so as to prevent a “Ukrainian scenario”, namely a…

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Belarus deploys troops to Russian border to prevent "Ukrainian-style scenario"

Relations between Minsk and Moscow have seriously deteriorated in recent weeks, with the approach of the Belarusian presidential elections to be held on Sunday August 9. Indeed, the Belarusian President, Alexander Lukashenko, in this position since 1994 and in the running for a sixth term, accuses Moscow of supporting the opposition, himself having so far applied to silence any form of protest, most often with the blessing of the Kremlin. However, the latter now opposes more than symbolic resistance in the negotiations between Minsk and Moscow on the union treaty, an agreement signed in 1999 which was to allow integration close to federalism…

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Egyptian parliament authorizes deployment of fighting military forces in Libya

The Egyptian parliament unanimously authorized, on Monday July 26, the deployment of Egyptian combat forces in Libya to "protect the country and its interests" in the face of the push by the forces of the Government of National Accord (GNA in English) of Tripoli supported by the Turkish armed forces and militias, against the forces of General Khalifa Haftar, threatening in particular the city of Sirte and the Al-Jufra air base, two strategic sites for Cairo, which had already declared in the past that it would not hesitate to intervene if GNA forces were to threaten them. For the authorities of Tripoli, the only body recognized by…

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