Turkey at the heart of a node of polymorphic crises in the Eastern Mediterranean

By abuse of language, reference is generally made to the strong tensions between Greece and Cyprus and Turkey when it comes to the crisis in the Eastern Mediterranean. This…

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The Russian Baltic Fleet could also receive 636.3 Improved Kilo submarines

Unlike the United States, Britain or France, the Russian Navy has never abandoned the use of diesel-electric submarines for the benefit of an entire nuclear fleet. She now has 17 ...

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First "Improved Kilo" submarine for the Black Sea Fleet launches trials at sea

The class of conventional-powered Russian submarines identified as "Kilo" by NATO, which brings together ships from the 877 and 636 projects, is today the largest class of conventional submarines ...

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The second corvette of the Russian Karakurt class starts his tests

Corvette Sovetsk, hull number 252, second representative of the 22800 light corvettes missile project Karakurt, was transferred to Lake Lagoda, to begin its builders tests, before ...

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What is happening in the Sea of ​​Azov?

The information went relatively unnoticed: the Russian fleet to redeploy 6 missile corvettes from the Caspian Sea Fleet to the Black Sea Fleet, significantly enhancing the present fire capability, including the ability to launch Kalibr missiles.

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The Black Sea, a strategic issue for the protection of Europe

During the Cold War, the Black Sea, like the Baltic, was considered Soviet-controlled, with the USSR and the Warsaw Pact countries lining more than 70% of its coastline. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, followed by the integration of Bulgaria and Romania into NATO and rapprochement between the alliance and Georgia and Ukraine, it has become a highly contested area, again, as the Baltic sea.

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