Will the European Union give in to American demands for PESCO?

Initially proposed in 2017 by the European Commission, the Structured Permanent Cooperation, or PESCO, and the European Defense Fund, or EDF, were set up in 2018 by the European authorities. Their objective was to support competitiveness and cooperation within the European Union concerning industrial defense programs, so as to avoid the duplication of unnecessary R&D expenditure or fratricidal competitions, as we have seen so many. these last years.

But for the United States, as for NATO, these two initiatives, and in particular the EDF with an envelope of € 13 billion of investments between 2021 and 2027, it is above all a threat to their supremacy. on European Defense, and since 2018 they have been lobby Europe to gain access to these funds. Germany has taken the matter in hand, with the desire to find, as usual, a consensual position during the 6 months of its EU presidency.

France is relatively isolated in Europe regarding its support for a real strategic autonomy of Europeans, in particular vis-à-vis the United States.

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