Russia and Turkey more antagonistic than ever

It will become more and more delicate to play the cordial understanding between the Russian president Vladimir Poutine and his Turkish counterpart RT Erdogan, so much the zones of confrontation…

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Are Turkish forces planning a major offensive in Syria?

Following serious skirmishes, on February 11, between the Syrian armed forces on their way to retake the city of Idleb, and the Turkish army present around the city, which did more…

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Indian Navy: resumption of negotiations for the lease of a third ANS

New Delhi and Moscow have resumed talks in early December on the lease of a third Russian Nuclear Submarine Attack (SNA) by the Indian Navy. The challenge…

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Has China surprised the Pentagon?

For some months now, observers of the Defense environment in the United States have not failed to notice the obvious feverishness that agitates both the Pentagon and the Think Tanks and institutions ...

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Why does Putin propose the immediate renewal of the New Start treaty?

At a meeting on Defense, President Putin said he was ready to sign the full and non-negotiated extension of the nuclear weapons treaty ...

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First missiles equipped with Avangard hypersonic glider come into service in Russia

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the first two UR-100N UTTKh intercontinental missiles equipped with the Avangard hypersonic glider will come into service in the coming days, and assume the ...

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Emmanuel Macron opens a door for a Franco-Russian rapprochement?

NATO is in a state of brain death. It is by this sentence of heavy meaning that the French president has judged, in an interview given to the British newspaper "The Economist", the incapacity ...

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