Naval Group's Gowind 2500 corvette still favorite in Greek competition

After the Italian Fincantieri with a lighter version of the Doha-class light frigates, and Lockheed-Martin with the age-old MMSC, it is now up to the British Babcock to try to enter the Greek competition to locally build 5 corvettes to the Hellenic Navy. Like the American Lockheed-Martin, Babcock is offering the same ship in Athens as the one offered in the "Frigate" competition which saw the success of the FDI Belharra, in this case a less well-armed and equipped version. of its ArrowHead 140 frigate of 5.700 tonnes which was selected by the Royal Navy for the Type 31 class, with the main argument of a unit price of less than €500m according to information collected by the Greek press. For the time being, however, no formal British proposal has been sent to the Greek authorities, the latter having also indicated that in any case, the final decision on this contract will be announced by the end of March.

However, like the Italian and American proposal, this new British offer has little chance of being accepted by Athens, while the competition seems more than ever to be moving towards a clash between the Dutch Damen's Sigma 10514 and the French Naval Group's Gowind 2500 corvette, both displaying a price of €2 billion for 5 units built in Greek shipyards, and operational capacities that are significantly close, where Americans, British and Italians, with larger ships, can only offer 4 ships for this price , with no net operational benefit to claim.

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