Indonesia orders 2 Scorpene Evolved submarines from Naval Group and PT PAL

That's done ! On March 28, Indonesia ordered 2 Scorpene Evolved submarines from Naval Group and its local partner PT PAL, which will build the ships. The Indonesian correspondent for the specialized site Navalnews, Fauzan Malufti, was right when he announced this at the end of last week.

This order, the schedule and envelope of which have not yet been disclosed, will strengthen industrial and technological cooperation between Jakarta and the French defense industry, after the order for 42 aircraft Rafale in 2022, as well as 55 Caesar cannons in 2012 and 2017.

It will, in particular, strengthen the technological skills of the Indonesian military naval industry, and could, as such, call for other subsequent orders, to reach a fleet of six Scorpene Evolved submarines.

2 new Scorpene Evolved submarines for the Indonesian Navy

After several years of negotiations, Jakarta has just formalized the order, otherwise highly anticipated, of two Scorpene Evolved submarines offered by the French Naval Group.

2 Scorpene Evolved submarines for Indonesia
Signature of the order for 2 Scorpene Evolved submarines this March 28 by Indonesia

The submarines will be built entirely by Indonesia's PT PAL shipyards, which build most of the country's large naval units, and which previously built the three South Korean-designed Nagapasa-class submarines.

The final model of submarine chosen by Jakarta has not yet been disclosed either. The submarines of the Scorpene family are, in fact, offered in several models, ranging from 60 to 76 meters, and from 1 to 600 tons.

Unlike the initial Scorpènes, 14 examples of which were exported to 4 Marines around the world, the Scorpene Evolved will be equipped with propulsion based on the new Lithium-ion batteries developed by Naval group, giving ships greatly increased diving autonomy, shortened reloading times, and much greater available power.

Thus, while the Scorpene Evolved is given to have a patrol autonomy of 80 days, the submarine will be able to remain submerged for more than 78 days, yielding, in terms of discretion in this area, only to submarines with nuclear propulsion.

The Indonesian submarines will also receive the new SUBTICS combat system, and will be able to carry 18 heavy torpedoes, anti-ship missiles and cruise missiles, while guaranteeing an operational availability of 240 days per year per ship, making it a system of weapon perfectly suited to the complex requirements of the Indonesian Navy.

A major technology transfer at stake for PT PAL

The latter will wait, without the slightest doubt, and impatiently, for its two new submarines, in particular to contain, in the South China Sea, the growing threat from the Chinese Navy, in particular its numerous and efficient submarines. Type 039C of the Yuan class.

Scorpene class Kalvari Mazagon
The French naval group has demonstrated its skills in technology transfer and cooperation in India with the Mazagon shipyards, for the construction of the 6 Kalvari class submarines.

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  1. We make the best submarines in the world and the countries that are under Chinese pressure are starting to realize it.
    I would also like to see them sink a Chinese patrol boat (a bit Turkish style) which invades their home and that would be perfect for calming down Chinese imperialism for a while.


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