Japan engages in the development of a microwave gun

Unlike European countries, Japan largely anticipated the strategic developments that led to the upheavals and tensions that we know today. Thereby, Tokyo has revived investment in its own defense since 2013, after yielding, like its Western counterparts, to the sirens of the benefits of peace between 2000 and 2012, with a defense effort falling from 4,83 Tr yen to 4,65 Tr yen during this period, to rise to 5,5, 47 Tr Yen, i.e. more than €2022 billion in 2022. The Japanese authorities even indicated, when presenting the XNUMX Defense budget, that they did not rule out the possibility ofbring the defense effort of the archipelago to 2% of its GDP, compared to 1,1% today, in order to respond to the intensification of the threats they may face.

This resurgence of credits enabled the Japanese armed forces to simultaneously undertake several ambitious programs to modernize their forces and equipment. Thus, the air forces placed an order for 146 5th generation F-35A and F-35B fighters, while the ground forces modernized their artillery and part of their armored fleet. As for the Japanese naval self-defense forces, they are undergoing an unparalleled forced march of modernization, with, in addition to the entry into service of 8 Aegis Heavy destroyers of the Kongo, Atago and Maya classes, delivery of 19 Soryu and Taigei class submarines, 22 Mogami-class frigates, as well as the transformation of the two helicopter carrier destroyers of the Izumo class into aircraft carriers capable of implementing the F-35B on-board fighter.

Japanese shipyards now launch 2 Mogami-class frigates each year, with the goal of delivering 22 ships by 2030.

At the same time, Tokyo has embarked on an unprecedented effort to develop new modern weapon systems. Beyond the media FX program to develop a 5th generation medium fighter, the Japanese industry has undertaken the development of anti-ship and cruise missiles, but also that of very innovative weapon systems, such as hypersonic missiles et electric guns, or rail gun. Clearly, Japanese ambitions in these cutting-edge fields are constantly growing, since the Japanese press has revealed that Tokyo had launched the development of a microwave gun, including a 7,2 billion Yen credit line in the 2022 Defense budget for this purpose.

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