The United Arab Emirates turns to the MICA VL NG missile for its Gowind 2500 corvettes

In November 2017, the United Arab Emirates confirmed the order for two Gowind 2500 corvettes from the French military shipbuilder Naval Group. If many of the equipment selected by Abu Dhabi were of French origin, the anti-aircraft defense was then entrusted to the American couple formed by the vertical launch system VLS Mk41 and the anti-aircraft missile ESSM Block 2, the new version of the heir to the Sea Sparrow. But according to the Naval News site, the Emirati authorities have changed their posture, to turn to the French MICA VL NG missile from the MBDA missile, a new version of the MICA VL surface-to-air missile itself derived from the very…

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Naval Group withdraws from India's P75i AIP submarine competition

Until recently, Naval Group was considered one of the favorites of the P75i competition launched in 2017 by New Delhi with a view to designing and locally building 6 new attack submarines equipped with an anaerobic propulsion system. , designated by the English acronym AIP for Air Independent Propulsion. The French specialist in military ships and submarines could indeed rely on the previous P75 program, launched in 1999, based on the Scorpene submarine, and whose 6th and last unit was launched this Wednesday April 20. After a rocky start, as is often the case in India, the program has come…

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Naval Group's Gowind 2500 corvette still favorite in Greek competition

After the Italian Fincantieri with a lighter version of the Doha-class light frigates, and Lockheed-Martin with the age-old MMSC, it is now up to the British Babcock to try to enter the Greek competition to locally build 5 corvettes to the Hellenic Navy. Like the American Lockheed-Martin, Babcock is offering the same ship in Athens as the one offered in the "Frigate" competition which saw the success of the FDI Belharra, in this case a less well-armed and equipped version. of its 140 ton ArrowHead 5.700 frigate which has been retained by the Royal Navy for the Type 31 class,…

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Competition rages on between Naval Group, Fincantieri and Damen for Greek corvettes

The competition for the construction and delivery of 5 corvettes for the Hellenic Navy could well be the repetition of the one that raged over the frigates, and which saw, finally, Athens arbitrate in favor of the Defense and Intervention Frigate or FDI Belharra of Naval Group last September, after two years of intense negotiations and sensational reversals. As before, despite the advanced discussions on this subject between the French manufacturer and the Greek authorities, the European and American competitors of Naval Group are determined not to facilitate the negotiations, with a lot of counter-proposals and…

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India, South Korea: France on the offensive in the field of nuclear submarines

The Minister of the French Armed Forces, Florence Parly, is traveling to India this weekend to meet her Indian counterpart Shri Rajnath Singh, as well as other officials from New Delhi, in order to discuss several topics in the field of cooperation. strategic and industrial relationship between the two countries, partners and long-standing allies. In addition to the question of a possible additional order of Rafale aircraft, cooperation in the field of helicopters with a line of sight, a possible contract to equip the Indian Coast Guard with Caracal helicopters, and questions of strategic cooperation in the theater Pacific shaken up in recent months both by the…

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SMX31, Racer, Scarabée: These ultra-innovative unfunded French defense industrial programs

In the field of the defense industry, France has often demonstrated its ability to develop high-performance equipment that is sometimes several years ahead of its international competitors. But if certain successes are undeniable, as were the Light Stealth Frigates or the VAB armored vehicles, both ahead of the very perception of the need when they appeared, it has also happened, very often, that very efficient programs and in ahead of their time were ignored by the French authorities, letting slip crucial technological assets which certain competitors did not fail to seize. This is how France passed by...

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What are the strengths and weaknesses of the French defense industry?

The French defense industry is now internationally recognized as one of the most efficient and comprehensive on the planet. From nuclear-powered submarines to combat aircraft, via reconnaissance satellites, armored vehicles and missiles, the major French defense companies are present in all niches, and as such claim the 3rd ranks defense technology exporting countries after the United States and Russia, but ahead of China, Germany and Great Britain. It represents, as such, not only the pillar of French strategic autonomy, but one of the key export industries of the…

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Sea drones: Americans and Turks lead the way

By Noam Akhoune At a time when drones are reshuffling the cards of war, the naval sector is far from being spared by this evolution. Unlike aerial and/or ground support drones that we have seen at work during the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia, or in Syria, unmanned ships, or naval drones, haven't been faced with combat yet, but it could happen sooner than you think. Along with directed energy weapons, hypersonic weapons, artificial intelligence and cyber capabilities, unmanned vessels (or unmanned surface vessels – usv) are one of the new capabilities,…

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After a technological feat by Naval Group, the Perle submarine is back in Toulon

The nuclear attack submarine La Perle is joining its home port of Toulon this week, after a technological feat by Naval Group engineers and personnel, which made it possible to graft the forward section of the Saphir submarine. laid up in 2019 at the aft edge of the Pearl, after a fire destroyed the bow of the ship on June 12, 2020 while the ship was undergoing modernization and maintenance. Not only did this procedure make it possible to preserve the submarine that many considered lost, but the new building, which concerns the name of baptisms La Perle from its rear section, will be equipped with…

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