Greece to prepare to order 6 additional Rafale

"A combat squadron has 18 planes, but a good combat squadron has 24 planes." This is how a Greek military source specific to the case presented ...

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Faced with the absence of a comprehensive recovery plan, British industrialists are getting impatient and urging London to act

Two months after the appeal launched by Paul Everitt - director of the ADS association representing the UK's aerospace and defense industries - to government authorities to demand…

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Royal Navy: Contract Signed for the Five Frigates Type 31

The General Purpose Frigate (GPFF) or Type 31 program resulted in the signing of a contract between the British Ministry of Defense and the consortium ...

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Babcock British Shipyards Presented to Build 5 31 Frigates Type Royal Navy

The rumor has swelled for a few days, without being denied by the British authorities. Les Chantiers Navals Babcock, already in charge of the construction of 5 OPV River and…

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