Can France extend its doctrine of deterrence to Greece and Cyprus?

Thursday September 10, French President Emmanuel Macron will meet at 16:00 p.m. on the sidelines of the MED7 summit to be held in Ajaccio, his Greek counterpart, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, to sign, according to information published by several Greek media, a Defense agreement between France and Greece. It is also possible that announcements will be made regarding military contracts, about a possible order of Rafale fighters and FDI Belh @ rra frigates by Athens, in what could well take the form of a military and industrial strategic partnership. long term between the two countries.

The avowed objective of this rapprochement between Athens and Paris is, of course, to contain the expansionist ambitions of Turkish President RT Erdogan in the Eastern Mediterranean, in particular on the natural gas fields discovered off the island of Cyprus. France, like Greece, have in fact on several occasions had trouble with the methods of the Turkish president, confirmed by the lack of reaction from the United States, NATO and the European Union to moderate its effects. But it could well be that the ambitions of this rapprochement between the two countries, see the three with Cyprus, go beyond the framework of military and industrial defense cooperation, to be part of a European strategic framework.

The acquisition of S400 missile batteries from Moscow by Ankara poses a constant threat to the Hellenic air force aircraft flying over the Aegean Sea.

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