JF-17 Block III in Pakistan vs F-21 in India: towards an opposition between light fighters?

Just over a year ago, a new limited military confrontation pitted India and Pakistan in the Kashmir region. On February 27, 209, exchanges of fire took place between the fighter bombers of the two countries. Pakistan announces that its F-16s and some JF-17 light fighters have engaged and destroyed two Indian fighters, while New Delhi only confirms the loss of one of its ancient MiG-21s and the destruction in return of an F -16 Pakistanis.

If the real details of this engagement are still unclear to the general public, it nevertheless emerges that the Indian Air Force (IAF) as the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) still rely largely on light and old fighters for their interception and ground attack operations. However, the replacement of the MiG-21 Bison in India and the Mirage III / 5 in Pakistan with handy and economical fighters has become more and more critical over the years.

Modernized, the MiG-21 Indian Bison remains a credible light interceptor. The cells, however, reach the end of their potential and do not allow them to carry enough missiles to carry out air superiority missions.

Challenges and context of the modernization of the IAF and the PAF

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