6 Rafale additional for Greece and Mirage 2000-5 for Ukraine?

In a video interview given to the Kathimerini defense website, Greek Defense Minister Nikos Dendias provided details on the effort to streamline and modernize the Hellenic Air Force fighter fleet.

The Greek fighter fleet will go from seven models of fighter planes today to just three, the F-16V, the F-35A and the Rafale, once reached the next decade.

In addition to the acquisition of F-35A once the Block IV standard has been reached, the minister also indicated that Athens intended to acquire, in the years to come, 6 Rafale additional assets from France, to increase its fleet to 30 aircraft, but also to sell, on the second-hand market, its F-16 C/D Block 30, and especially its very efficient Mirage 2000-5, immediately raising the ear of the Ukrainians and their allies.

The pressing need to rationalize the Greek fighter fleet

The fighter fleet of the Hellenic Air Forces today consists of no less than 7 different models, for 230 aircraft: F-4S Phantom 2, F-16 Block 30, F-16 Block 50, F-16 Block 52, F-16 Block 70, Mirage 2000-5 and Rafale.

Greek Mirage 2000
The Greek air forces were the only ones in Europe to choose the Mirage 2000 from Dassault Aviation

This patchwork of fighters creates many puzzles, from acquiring the essential spare parts and ammunition for each of them, to training and training the crews and maintenance personnel for each aircraft.

For comparison, the French air forces, Armée de l'Air and Aéronavale, field as many fighters, but of only 3 models: the Mirage 2000D, the Mirage 2000-5F and the Rafale B/C/M. Ultimately, they will operate 225 Rafale, at the start of the next decade.

This rationalization, made possible thanks to the absolute versatility of Rafale, made it possible to replace seven models (Mirage 2000C/D/N, Jaguar, Mirage F1CR, Super Étendard and F-8 Crusader), and thus to considerably simplify the management of spare parts, maintenance and the training of maintenance personnel .

F-16V, F-35A and Rafale additional in the years to come

The Hellenic Air Force, too, aims to rationalize its fighter fleet, going from seven models currently in service to just 3: The F-16V, the F-35A and the Rafale.

The conversion of 84 of the 90 Hellenic F-16 Block 52+ ordered in 2009 to the Block 70 Viper standard began in 2019, and the first aircraft brought to this standard by the local aircraft manufacturer HAI was delivered to the Hellenic Air Forces in January 2021.

Greece will wait until the F-35 reaches Block IV to place an order, in order to avoid its “teething problems”

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  1.  » brought to this standard by the local aircraft manufacturer HAL… »

    The local Greek aircraft manufacturer is HAI (Hellenic Aerospace Industry); HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited) is an Indian company!


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