JF-17 Block III in Pakistan vs F-21 in India: towards an opposition between light fighters?

Just a year ago, a new limited military confrontation opposed India and Pakistan in the Kashmir region. On February 27, 209, exchanges of fire then took place between the fighter-bombers of the two countries. Pakistan then announces that its F-16s and some JF-17 light fighters have engaged and destroyed two Indian fighters, while New Delhi only confirms the loss of one of its old MiG-21s and the destruction in return of an F -16 Pakistanis. If the actual details of this commitment are still unclear for the general public, it nevertheless emerges that the Indian Air Force (IAF) like the…

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Dassault Aviation would have completed testing of the CC-422 canon pod for the modernized Mirage 2000D

In July 2016, Dassault Aviation was entrusted with a major renovation program for 55 Air Force Mirage 2000D assault aircraft. Faced with the aging of the systems on board the Mirage 2000 and the staggering of deliveries of the new Rafales, such a program was deemed essential to respect the fixed format of 250 combat aircraft in the fleet (Air Force and Navy). at the end of the LPM 2019-2025. More than a simple update of the Mirages intended to make them last beyond 2030, the mid-life renovation (MLR) of the Mirage 2000D also aims to provide them with new capabilities...

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Pakistan tests new cruise missile capable of hitting the heart of India

According to Pakistani military sources, Islamabad would have proceeded three days ago to the test of a new cruise missile intended for Pakistani combat planes. This missile, designated Ra'ad-II, is a deeply modernized derivative of the Ra'ad-I tested already more than 10 years ago and which could be integrated in small quantities into the panoply of armaments of the Pakistani Mirage III. Compared to the Ra'ad-I, the Ra'ad-II (or Haft-8 Mk.2) would have a range almost doubled, taking it to nearly 600km. It would be equipped with a modern guidance system and could serve as the basis for the development of an anti-ship version. With a mass of approximately one ton, the missile…

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