US pressures Europeans for support for Turkey

One can really wonder about the objectives pursued by the United States vis-à-vis NATO. Indeed, while Ankara signed a ceasefire agreement with Moscow and President Erdogan underlined the depth of Turkish-Russian cooperation, and deployed one thousand special forces personnel to prevent tenacious refugees from crossing into Greece from being turned away by the Greek authorities, James Jeffrey, the United States' high representative for Syria, formally called on Europeans to adopt a more conciliatory position vis-à-vis Turkey. The latter also called on the Europeans to deploy units to increase the security of Turkish forces, such as the Spanish Patriot battery deployed on the NATO air base of Incirlik, arguing on the preponderant role played by the Turkey in the fight against the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.

The Incirlik base is considered to be a strategic base for NATO, which has deployed B61 nuclear weapons used by the Turkish F16s there.

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