JF-17 Block III in Pakistan vs F-21 in India: towards an opposition between light fighters?

Just a year ago, a new limited military confrontation opposed India and Pakistan in the Kashmir region. On February 27, 209, exchanges of fire then took place between the fighter-bombers of the two countries. Pakistan then announces that its F-16s and some JF-17 light fighters have engaged and destroyed two Indian fighters, while New Delhi only confirms the loss of one of its old MiG-21s and the destruction in return of an F -16 Pakistanis. If the actual details of this commitment are still unclear for the general public, it nevertheless emerges that the Indian Air Force (IAF) like the…

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Russia prefers India over Pakistan for arms exports

According to an Indian daily quoted by the site defenseworld.net, Russia would have assured India that it would limit its cooperation in terms of sales with Pakistan to the anti-terrorist field, and that it would not export military equipment. to Islamabad. By proceeding in this way, the Russian authorities hope to strengthen the dynamic of rapprochement initiated a few months ago with New Delhi, and which has already yielded convincing results, with the order of additional Mig29s and Su30 MKIs, S400s and frigates. It must be said that we are witnessing a surge in promises of exclusivity to take market share in the juicy Indian Defense equipment contracts,…

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