JF-17 Block III in Pakistan vs F-21 in India: towards an opposition between light fighters?

Just a year ago, a new limited military confrontation between India and Pakistan in the Kashmir region. On February 27, 209, exchanges of fire ...

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Lockheed pushes bids out of range for competitors to replace Indian MIG21

This is an announcement that will seriously complicate the task of the teams of Dassault negotiating the French aircraft for the Indian Air Force. US manufacturer Lockheed Martin has proposed no more, no less, to relocate the entire chain of production and maintenance of its F16 Viper in India, a market of 400 devices to build, and as much to modernize

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The United States deploys their finery in India to win Defense contracts

India now represents the world's largest market for the export of military equipment. As such, it is courted by all the industrialists and actors of this industry, Russia and France, traditional partners for decades, in the United States, who deploy today treasures of diplomacy to seduce the authorities Indian.

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