President E. Macron lays the foundations for a renewed French defense strategy

The speech delivered this morning by French President Emmanuel Macron to the interns of the School of War, was expected by the national Defense community, but also European. And the least we can say is that these expectations were justified. Indeed, in a speech of just over an hour of incredible density, the French President drew up a realistic but worrying assessment of the future of international security, in Europe as well as in the world, and outlined the French position, whether in terms of deterrence, defense of the Europe, intervention in foreign theaters, and the role of France in international bodies.

By choosing the War School, the place where French officers are trained, but also many foreign officers, to acquire the knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills essential to become a senior officer and perhaps a general officer, President Macron made a strong reference to General de Gaulle, a reference that was not successful as the positions expressed echo that of the latter. In fact, far from the paradigms applied by the president at the start of his mandate, the new strategy he intends to apply is based above all on regained national sovereignty, capable of federating all or part of Europeans by example but also by concrete capacities. French forces, in a drive to restore Europe to the strategic autonomy necessary to remain in control of its own destiny.

The return of interstate conflicts and major threats

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