Will the European Union give in to American demands for PESCO?

Initially proposed in 2017 by the European Commission, the Permanent Structured Cooperation, or PESCO, and the European Defense Fund, or EDF, were set up in 2018 by the European authorities. Their objective was to support competitiveness and cooperation within the European Union concerning industrial defense programmes, so as to avoid the duplication of unnecessary R&D expenditure or fratricidal competition, as we have been able to see so many these last years. But for the United States, as for NATO, these two initiatives, and in particular the EDF with a budget of €13 billion in investments between 2021 and 2027, it…

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How can the European Commission act in favor of the defense of Europeans today?

Through the voice of its Commissioner for Industrial, Digital, Home and Defense Affairs, Thierry Breton, Ursula Van der Leyen's new European Commission has defined important ambitions in terms of strengthening European Defense and industrial capabilities continents in this regard. However, the failure of the summit of Heads of State of the Union on 21 February to agree on a new budget for the period 2021-2027 shows the limits of these ambitions, if they were to be based solely on channels of cooperation and financing, such as the European Defense Fund, and the Permanent Structured Cooperation or PESCO. However, the European Union could…

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President E. Macron lays the foundations for a renewed French defense strategy

The speech given this morning by French President Emmanuel Macron to the War School trainees was awaited by the National Defense community, but also European. And the least we can say is that these expectations were justified. Indeed, in a speech lasting just over an hour of incredible density, the French President drew up a realistic but worrying assessment of the future of international security, in Europe as in the world, and traced the outline of the French position, whether in terms of deterrence, defense of Europe, intervention in foreign theaters, and the role of…

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Why is the European Defense Fund budget threatened?

On February 20, the Heads of State of the European Union will have to decide on the budget allocated to the European Defense Fund, and on the proposal made by the Finnish Presidency aimed at halving the envelope devoted to this defense effort. , in order to rebalance the financing of the Common Agricultural Policy following the exit of Great Britain from the Union. France, but also the European Commission and the European Parliament, have made it known that they are opposed to this reduction. However, it is likely that a significant reduction in the envelope will take place, on the altar of the overall balancing of expenditure and investment between the Member States,…

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