United States applies CAATSA sanctions to Turkey over S-400 acquisition

In recent days, lots of unofficial information were circulating in Washington regarding the upcoming implementation of sanctions against Turkey under the Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanction Act, better known by the acronym CAATSA. Today Monday December 14, the United States Department of State has published confirmation of this sanction, with immediate effect, and without Turkey having undertaken to withdraw its S-400 batteries "in coordination with the United States", according to the press release. December 4, the US Congress had forced the executive to implement these sanctions within 30 days following the adoption of the Pentagon's 2021 budget, a budget adopted by both houses last week.

Concretely, Turkey sees all export licenses for American Defense equipment or components of equipment suspended, as well as all legal authorizations concerning the use of this equipment. In addition, the state-owned SSB company, which participated in the importation of Russian S-400s, its chairman Ismail Demir, as well as other company executives involved in the S-400 program, see their assets at United States frozen and their visas suspended. The coordination with the United States of the withdrawal of the S-400s demanded by the State Department statement also acts as a political sanction, depriving President Erdogan of the "benefit of the doubt" if he were to declare himself in favor of the demands. American.

The first elements of the S-400 batteries acquired by Turkey from Moscow were delivered in July 2019

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