Russia to export 64 Su-35 aircraft to Egypt and a second customer between 2020 and 2024

Since the indiscretion of the Russian magazine Kommersant concerning the contract for the sale of Su-35 to Egypt, an indiscretion which will have brought thehe journalist originally detained for "treason" in Moscow, no one was able to quantify the number of devices sold in Cairo. It must be said that American pressure in this matter, and the threat of reprisals in application of the CATSAA legislation, called for the utmost discretion, both for the Egyptian and Russian authorities. But a video published on the occasion of an industrial presentation of the aeronautical industrial consortium OAK (United Aircraft Corporation in English), now allows to know more about this file.

This is the blogger @Strike_Flanker, author of the excellent site who is the benchmark for Russian weapons (and trains, but that's a different story), who posted the photo that sold the fuse on this contract. We learn, in fact, that Russia plans to deliver 22 aircraft to Cairo in 2020, followed by 8 aircraft in 2021, i.e. a fleet of 30 Su-35s, two squadrons. note that Su-35s sporting the Egyptian livery, but without cockade, had already been observed a few weeks ago in Russia. The amount of the order remains confidential, however, always to protect Cairo from American retaliatory measures.

Image from video spotted by @ Strike-Flanker reveals information so far heavily protected by Moscow

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