Japan launches public-private partnership to support and increase defense exports

Constitutionally, Japan cannot export arms, which is why the Japanese arms industry has remained essentially confined to national production. But the rapid development of the geostrategic situation in Asia, and the resulting consequences in terms of investment for the Japanese budget, have led the country's authorities to revise this strict dogma, and to look for markets in the United States. exportation for certain national productions.

Thus, Tokyo has just announced the creation of a structure in the form of Public-Private partnership in cooperation with the private armaments sector, to promote and extend exports of “non-lethal” Defense equipment to nearby countries such as Indonesia, India, Malaysia and Vietnam. It is within this framework that the export and financing of 6 patrol boats for the Vietnamese coast guards has been implemented. If Tokyo prohibits itself from exporting lethal equipment directly, it appears that nothing will prevent Japanese defense companies from participating in the design and manufacture of such equipment by the customer's local industry.

Derived from the F16, the Japanese F2 was never exported despite its advanced characteristics

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