Russia to export 64 Su-35 aircraft to Egypt and a second customer between 2020 and 2024

Since the indiscretion of the Russian magazine Kommersant concerning the sale contract of Su-35 to Egypt, an indiscretion which will have brought the journalist to his origin in detention for "treason" in Moscow, ...

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With the WS-10 turbojet engine, the Chinese military aeronautical industry becomes autonomous

Appearing a few days ago on twitter, photos showing a Chinese J10C light fighter in APLAF colors equipped with the local invoice engine WS-10 is a step…

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China launches mass production of stealth fighter J-20

A symbol of the progress made by the Chinese aviation industry over the last few decades, J-20, a stealth fighter from Chengdu Aircraft Corporation, is expected to move into production in the near future, allowing the company to increase its production ...

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The Russian combat drone S70 Okhotnik will be more stealthy than it seems

The Sukhoi group had surprised many observers when the first pictures showing the S70 Okhotnik stealth fighter drone prototype were tested during taxi tests.

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