Washington wants to sell "less stealth" F35s to the United Arab Emirates

The Emirati leaders expected a positive response to their request for the acquisition of F35 fighters from the United States, following the agreement made to normalize relations between Abu Dabi and Jerusalem.…

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Russia to export 64 Su-35 aircraft to Egypt and a second customer between 2020 and 2024

Since the indiscretion of the Russian magazine Kommersant concerning the sale contract of Su-35 to Egypt, an indiscretion which will have brought the journalist to his origin in detention for "treason" in Moscow, ...

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Russia to order 35 more Su-2020s in XNUMX

After announcing the order of 76 new generation Su-57 fighters placed in 2019, then that of more than fifty (between 48 and 76 according to sources) of fighters ...

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Confirmation of Egypt's acquisition of Su-35 could have huge geopolitical consequences

Rumors have been persistent for more than a year now: Egypt has ordered Russia about 35 heavy Su-2015 fighters. Since XNUMX, Cairo has multiplied the acquisitions of…

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The first Su-57 series ready to be delivered to Russian forces

According to a statement by Russian Deputy Defense Minister Alexei Krivoruchko, the first serial Su-57 would be ready for delivery to Russian forces. This delivery should occur before ...

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S70 Okhotnik-B Stealth Fighting Drone will enter service from 2025

On the occasion of the MAKS-2019 exhibition, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov told TASS that the first series of the S70 Okhontik-B series heavy stealth combat drone ...

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