France leads by example and deploys 2 combat ships in Eastern Mediterranean to support Greece

As we have already reported since the beginning of the week, the tension continues to grow between Turkey and the Greek-Cypriot couple while Turkish mining exploration vessel Orus Reis, escorted by Turkish Navy frigates and corvettes, is heading towards the Cypriot continental shelf to carry out investigations with a view to finding gas deposits. To oppose the Turkish flotilla, the Air Force and the Hellenic Navy were put on heightened alert, and a flotilla of Greek warships positioned themselves to stop the Turkish advance. The situation is in fact explosive between Ankara and Athens, to the point that at Greece's request, an exceptional meeting of European Union foreign ministers will take place tomorrow Friday.

But for President Macron, who had already on several occasions indicated in Athens as in Nicosia the support of Paris in this file, it was obviously urgent to act to show French determination to President Erdogan, as well as to show the example of what is expected of Europeans in this crisis. The French President therefore ordered the deployment of 2 French Navy ships, the Tonnerre Assault Helicopter Carrier, and the light stealth frigate La Fayette, to carry out exercises with the Hellenic Navy in the eastern Mediterranean, so as to score undoubtedly French support for Athens against Turkey, while unconfirmed information already indicates a collision (collision) between a Turkish frigate and a Greek frigate yesterday.

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