The Tonnerre helicopter carrier was sent to Corsica to evacuate patients suffering from Covid-19

Last Friday, in an article dedicated to rumors circulating around the Armed Forces in the context of the coronavirus epidemic, we concluded that the deployment of additional military means to manage the situation outside France was probably imminent. Beyond the tanker planes used with Morphée kits for the transport of patients, we have above all mentioned the use of amphibious helicopter carriers (PHA), whose hospital facilities are particularly well equipped.

The next day, we learned from the Ministry of the Armed Forces that a first PHA, Tonnerre, was to leave in the evening from Toulon in order to participate in the evacuation of patients with Covid-19 in Corsica. A short leap for the Tonnerre PHA, but which allows to transport many more patients simultaneously than a Morphée plane, while avoiding the use of civilian ferries not at all equipped for this type of medical evacuation. Above all, the transportation of patients to hospitals in Marseille will reduce patients' congestion for a time in Ajaccio hospital, whose capacities are close to saturation.

After intervening to rescue the victims of Hurricane Irma and Cyclone Idai, the Tonnerre is a regular in humanitarian operations

The hospital capacities of Amphibious Helicopter Carriers

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