Coronavirus: armies at the heart of conspiratorial rumors

Even before the first speech by the President of the Republic in connection with the current coronavirus epidemic, on March 12, rumors concerning the armed forces were already circulating in pro-conspiracy sphere of influence. They sought to explain the supposedly obvious links between the epidemic that started then in China or Italy and the involvement of the army, especially the US military for more sensationalism.

In recent days, in France, some of these rumors have found some resonance on all social networks, from Twitter to Facebook via WhatsApp. Others also suddenly appeared by diverting facts and photos - generally unsourced - to instill doubt and confusion vis-à-vis the official instructions transmitted by the French government or the WHO.

In France and elsewhere, medical research laboratories dependent on the armed forces are currently working on the coronavirus. However, their research is far from being carried out in secret, communication between the different laboratories involved in the search for treatments and vaccines being essential.

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