Do the future Italian DDX destroyers foreshadow an evolution of combat ships?

Just under a year ago, Rome presented a new heavy destroyer program to replace the Durand de la Penne and Mimbelli anti-aircraft frigates from 2030, in an unprecedented effort to equip the Marina Militare with unparalleled naval power throughout the Mediterranean

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Modernization of the aircraft carrier Cavour raises the question of the use of the F-35B in Italy

Following a long 16-month maintenance and modernization project, the Italian aircraft carrier Cavour finally set sail on May 6. Main novelty of this ...

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Marina militare: reflections on the integration of the anti-aircraft missile CAMM-ER on board the PPA Light and the PP (X)

The CAMM-ER anti-aircraft missile has just successfully completed a year 2019 devoted to a series of tests including firing. The decision of the House Defense Committee ...

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Marina militare: two high-speed multifunctional naval units for special missions

The Marina militare (Military Navy) of the Italian Republic launched, in 2015 at the latest, the Unità Navale Polifunzionale ad Alta Velocità (UNPAV) or K-180 program. The first unit -…

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European Patrol Corvette: new permanent structured cooperation seeks partners

The projects selected within the framework of the third wave of Permanent Structured Cooperation (CSP or PErmanent Structured COoperation (PESCO) in English) unveiled this Tuesday, November 12 include the launch ...

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