Eurofighter Typhoon still has chances against F-35A in Spain

Yesterday Thursday, November 4, the Spanish authorities officially sent a request for information (RFI) to the American Foreign Military Sales, the body overseeing arms exports to the allies of the United States, about 25 F-35Bs , the vertical or short take-off and landing version of the Lockheed-Martin aircraft, to replace its AV-8B Harrier II Matador which are to be withdrawn from service in 2028, as well as for 25 F-35A, the implemented version from land runway, to replace part of its F / A 18 Hornets. Information, who had leaked a day before, had already aroused many reactions and concerns, in particular with the partners of Madrid within the framework of the European program SCAF of 6th generation aircraft, intended to replace the French Rafale and the German and Spanish Typhoons.

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