After the J-35, it is the turn of the two-seater stealth fighter J-20B to have made its first flight

Predictably after that high speed running tests have been observed, the 5th generation Chinese fighter J-20B, a two-seater version of the aircraft from Chengdu, made its first flight this Friday, November 5, afternoon. The information was confirmed by some local sources relayed by Chinese social networks. The prototype, registered 2031, was even photographed during its take-off run, as the main photo of the article shows.

For a long time, the two-seater versions of fighter planes were intended for the training of pilots, and their operational transformation. But with the arrival of particularly realistic simulators, the need to secure the grip of a device for a new pilot by installing an experienced instructor in the rear seat is no longer relevant. And the J-20B, like the F-15E or the Rafale B, will not take on an instructor pilot in the rear seat, but a second crew member, pilot or weapon system officer, in order to share the load. working on board the aircraft, especially during the most demanding missions. Several indications thus suggest that one of the functions of the new J-20B will notably be to implement and control several combat drones acting for the benefit of the piloted aircraft, by transporting sensors but also armament, so as to cover a larger perimeter, and to increase the operational capacity and the firepower of the aircraft.

The two-seater versions of modern fighters are no longer intended for pilot training, but for sharing the workload in the cockpit between the two crew members.

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