Does Spain's foreseeable acquisition of F-35s threaten the European SCAF program?

Since 1987, the Spanish naval air forces have been implementing a squadron of vertical take-off and landing or short Harrier II aircraft acquired from the American MacDonnell Douglas, in particular on board the assault aircraft carrier Juan Carlos 1. This building , which entered service in 2010 to replace the Asturias Principe light aircraft carrier, was notably designed to accommodate up to fifteen F-35Bs with vertical or short take-offs, replacing the Harrier IIs. Therefore, it is not surprising that, according to the indiscretions obtained by the Janes site at the International Fighter Conference in London, Madrid plans to acquire 2025 F-25Bs from 35 in order to continue to benefit from a on-board hunting capability. The surprise, meanwhile, came from the announcement that alongside the 25 aircraft intended for its navy, the Spanish authorities would also consider acquiring 25 F-35A, the land-based version of the aircraft and bête noire. of the SCAF program bringing together France, Germany and Spain, most likely to replace part of the F / A 18 Hornets which will run out of potential at this time.

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