China's defense budget has doubled in 10 years

Chinese authorities have announced that the country's 2021 Defense budget would amount to 1.350 billion yuan, i.e. € 175 billion, registering an increase of 6,8% since 2020, or 82 billion yuan, or € 10,5 billion in one year. This increase is relatively stable compared to the 6,6% in 2020, but remains below the average of the increases over the last 10 years, of the order of 8%. However, if the growth of the budget decreases in relative value, it remains relatively stable in absolute value over the last 10 years, evolving between 72 and 90 billion yuan, with an average of 85 billion or 10 billion €, the equivalent of the defense budget. from countries like the Netherlands, Poland or Taiwan.

This perfectly controlled growth has enabled Beijing to more than double its Defense budget between 2011 and 2021, going from 620 billion yuan to 1350, with a stable progression allowing the armies but also the National Defense industry to gain momentum in the region. workforce plan, skills and technological and industrial tools, in a linear progression over the long term. Thus, over the past ten years, the Chinese armies were able to almost complete their mutation towards a largely professionalized army equipped with modern equipment, and devoting a large part of its resources to training and increasing the skills of its workforce. The era of the great popular army aligning tens of millions of poorly trained and poorly equipped men is definitely no longer relevant.

The growth of the Chinese defense budget over the past 10 years has followed an almost linear progression, increasing between 70 and 90 billion yuan per year (sources: Global Times).

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