China to invest $ 500 billion over 10 years to close nuclear weapons gap

According to the state-owned website, citing diplomatic sources, Beijing has signaled to Washington its refusal to participate in the US-Russia negotiations on the reduction of nuclear weapons in the park. At…

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Despite the health and economic crisis, China will increase its defense budget by 6,6% in 2020

Some figures alone say more than dozens of pages of analyzes. This is the case for the growth of the Chinese Defense budget for 2020, which will rise…

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Chinese military aeronautics demonstrate technological mastery with X-20 series

At the start of the new millennium, the Chinese aeronautical industry was still in its infancy, and was mainly based on technology transfers and more or less successful copies of Western equipment or ...

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Defense of the United States must reinvent itself to adapt to the challenges ahead

At the end of the Cold War, the American armed forces were, without question, the most powerful military force in the world, capable of asserting itself on all Theaters.

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Is Cambodia the platform for experimenting with Chinese conquest?

Less than 5 years ago, the Chinese authorities swore by their great gods that they would never deploy a military base outside the country, while criticizing generously ...

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Has China surprised the Pentagon?

For some months now, observers of the Defense environment in the United States have not failed to notice the obvious feverishness that agitates both the Pentagon and the Think Tanks and institutions ...

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Beijing muscle his speech about Taiwan

On the occasion of the inauguration of the Beijing Xiangshan Forum, the Minister of Defense of the People's Republic of China, Wei Fenghe, gave a powerful speech on the subject of ...

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