China is strengthening its military naval industrial capabilities… again!

Where will it stop? A legitimate question when we know that after having fully modernized and extended the production capacities of its shipyards intended to manufacture combatant surface units, allowing a production of frigates, destroyers and cruisers without comparison with the United States, and after starting work to modernize and expand production capacities for very large vessels, like aircraft carriers and assault helicopter carriers, new satellite images show that Beijing has extended its Bohaï naval industrial site, which manufactures nuclear submarines for the People's Liberation Army (MAPL) Navy or PLAN stands for the English acronym.

In fact, images from the Kompsat company show that the on-site infrastructures have greatly evolved in recent months, allowing a significant increase in the production of nuclear attack submarines and nuclear submarines for launching missiles, the production of attack submarines with conventional anaerobic propulsion being carried out at another site. according to the analysis made by the submarine fleet expert HI Sutton, a new construction hall has been added to the main hall, which would make it possible to increase the production of sections, and therefore of ships.

Snapshot of September 19, 2020 from Kompsat analyzed by HI Sutton of the Bohaï site

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