White House wants to triple US Navy shipbuilding funding

Despite being weeks away from leaving the White House, Donald Trump is not ready to let his presidential prerogatives slip away, in an obvious political calculation, but which does not lack foundations. Thus, one of the commitments of the 2016 presidential campaign was to have, in 2030, a fleet of 350 warships, where it now has only 297. But between arbitrations in teeth saws and budget procrastination, this project only really took shape a few months ago, in the form of a new plan to strengthen the US Navy called Navy 2045, which plans to have 2030 ships in 355, and 450 in 2045.

The framing bill this program was presented yesterday in Washington, by the White House, the Department of Defense, and the Pentagon, the US Navy not being included in this triptych. And the least we can say is that he is ambitious! Indeed, this project plans to increase the appropriations devoted to the naval construction of the US Navy to 147 billion dollars over the period 2021-2026, ie three times the 45 billion dollars forecast so far for the same period. For the year 2021 alone, the new plan provides for bringing investments in this area to $ 27 billion, against $ 19 billion initially planned, and to increase this annual amount to $ 33 billion in 2026.

New plan calls for increased ship production to bring the US Navy to 355 combat ships by 2030

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