Indonesia wants to build an air force of 170 fighters in the coming years

In recent months, Indonesia's defense procurement and communications strategy has been viewed chaotically, to say the least. Indeed, the country, which today has a strong fleet of around fifteen Russian Su-27 and Su-30 fighters, around thirty American F-16s and around forty light FA- 50 South Koreans and British Hawks, engaged in all-out negotiations to modernize the latter: here 11 Su-35s near Moscow, there 15 used Eurofighter Typhoons from Austria, F16s or F35s from United States, and recently 36 or 48 Rafale in France.

These announcements were all the more incomprehensible as they were often accompanied by a certain willingness on the part of Jakarta to go through the negotiations, and to actually order the devices, at least such was the speech held by the Indonesian officials. . It was therefore feared that all these negotiations had no other purpose than to put pressure on Washington to obtain authorization to acquire F-35s, which the Indonesian air force considered essential to stand up to military power. rising Chinese. Also, some announcements from Jakarta seemed contradictory, like the announcement of the maintenance of the order of Su-35 while wishing to acquire F16V and above all the F35s, or the negotiation concerning second-hand Austrian Typhoons while visibly advancing at high speed with Paris on the Rafale.

Rafale could be the first brick in building a massive modern air force in Indonesia

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