Can Russia still impose itself militarily in Ukraine?

“The Special Military Operation in Ukraine is proceeding according to plan”. This is how General Igor Konashenkov, spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, presented his daily briefing yesterday, Thursday March 10, after 15 days of war. However, many information radically contradict this statement, and it seems, on the contrary, that this military operation which was to be only a formality for the super-powerful Russian army, is turning into a veritable quagmire for Vladimir Putin. Faced with appalling losses in man and material, a difficult progression, distended lines, a Ukrainian resistance much more efficient and determined than envisaged as well as a response and mobilization...

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Joe Biden resists his left wing and maintains a 2022 defense budget of $ 715bn

Much more than in most Western countries, the Pentagon's annual budget is an extremely difficult political exercise in the United States. Defined by the administration in place, it is then copiously amended by the American Congress, according to criteria sometimes far removed from the imperatives of defense, and gives rise to intense negotiations behind the scenes to be voted on. The preparation of the 2022 budget was no exception to the rule this year. Caught between the left wing of the Democratic Party, represented among others by Senator Bernie Sanders, supporter of a very significant drop in military budgets to finance American social programs, and by a Party…

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The end of Donald Trump's tenure puts the American defense community under high tension

Never in the recent history of the United States, a transition between the president in office and the president-elect will have generated so many tensions and threats for the durability of the American institutions themselves. Not satisfied with having already placed very complex situations to manage for his successor, as in the case of the sale of F35A to the United Arab Emirates, Donald Trump is in fact directly threatening the Pentagon, by carrying out actions potentially fraught with consequences in the hope to stay in post beyond January 20th. This was particularly the case when the President vetoed the Pentagon's 2021 budget at the…

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Victims of giant computer hacking, US agencies point to Russia

The case caused a stir across the Atlantic. Indeed, several of the most important American government agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security, were hacked for several months by a team of hackers who potentially had access to all the emails and documents exchanged by these agencies, creating one of the biggest security breaches the United States has seen in decades. In addition to the methods employed by the hackers and the potentially leaked data, the Department of National Security is now trying to determine the origin of the hack, and it seems that all roads lead to Moscow. It is through an Orion software platform…

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White House wants to triple US Navy shipbuilding funding

Although he is a few weeks away from his departure from the White House, Donald Trump is not ready to give up his presidential prerogatives, in an obvious political calculation, but which does not lack foundations. Thus, one of the commitments of the 2016 presidential campaign was to have, in 2030, a fleet of 350 warships, where it only has 297 today. saw and budget procrastination, this project only really took shape a few months ago, in the form of a new plan to reinforce the US Navy called Navy 2045, which…

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Pilots Must Fly More To Reduce Crashes, Says US Military Flight Safety

According to the conclusions of a report by the US National Commission on Military Aviation Safety (NCMAS), 43% of the 6000 air accidents that affected US military aircraft between 2013 and 2018 were due to poor knowledge or poor application of safety procedures. theft and safety, on the part of flight personnel or maintenance personnel. These accidents cost the lives of 198 American soldiers, destroyed 157 aircraft, and cost almost $10 billion to the American federal budget. Still this study, these incidents are mostly related to an insufficient number of flight hours for pilots and poor training programs,…

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The US Air Force experiments with canine surveillance robots

Science fiction is full of stories presenting military robots with the attributes of certain animals, and the dog is probably one of the most represented in this literature. It must be said that dogs have accompanied soldiers since time immemorial. Already, during the Roman campaigns of antiquity, the famous Canis Pugnax, a race close to the current Cane Corso, accompanied the troops of Marc Aurelius in Germany and terrified the adversaries. The arrival of motorized technology in the armies, if it eliminated horses, mules and oxen from military inventories, did not make the dog disappear from the battlefields. Several dogs became famous by…

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The development of China's technological and industrial capabilities worries the Pentagon

Each year, the United States Department of Defense publishes a report on security and technological developments in the People's Republic of China for Congress. Over the past few years, this report has become more and more pressing in many aspects, such as the construction and rapid implementation of means of denial of access on the Chinese coasts and in the China Sea, the extension of the Beijing fleet, as well as the profound changes taking place within the People's Liberation Army. For the first time this year, as tensions between Washington and Beijing are…

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US Defense Industry Organizes To Expand Prototype Manufacturing

The group which brings together, in the United States, the defense industries of the country, the National Armaments Consortium, announced, in partnership with the Ordnance Technology Consortium of the Department of Defense and the Army Contracting Command of the US Army, the launch of an initiative aimed at accelerating and extending the conversion of defense research into prototypes. Concretely, the NAC intends to play the role of a central organization to facilitate and accelerate the financing of projects and the design of prototypes, so as to lighten the burden both for its members seeking funding from the Department of Defense, and for the DoD. …

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