The French Army reveals its ambitions with the TITAN program

The French Army and the Direction Generale de l'Armament (DGA) published this week a video animation presenting the main areas of development underway and to come for the air-land combat of the French armies. If today all eyes, and the vast majority of credits, are focused on the renewal of the "middle" segment, namely light and medium armored vehicles, the most likely to be deployed in external operations, within the framework of the SCORPION program, the renewal of the heavy component of the forces is now planned within a new designated program TITAN.

TITAN is not, in itself, really a new independent program. It represents in fact the continuation of SCORPION's ambitions to cope with technologically advanced military forces that also have heavy resources, and as such includes not only the new programs that will emerge between 2035 and 2040, such as the new heavy armored system Franco-German MGCS, the CIFS artillery and indirect fire system, also Franco-German, or the replacement for the Tiger helicopter, but also all the means implemented by SCORPION, so as to obtain, at any time, the best tactical solution to meet the challenges of future commitments.

The video published this week by the Army, the DGA, and the industrial partners of the SCORPION and TITAN program

Concretely, TITAN relies on three complementary components:

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