Pilots Must Fly More To Reduce Crashes, Says US Military Flight Safety

According to the findings of a report by theUS National Commission on Military Aviation Safety (NCMAS), 43% of the 6000 air accidents that affected US military aircraft between 2013 and 2018 were due to poor knowledge or poor application of flight and safety procedures on the part of flight crews or maintenance personnel. These accidents claimed the lives of 198 US military personnel, destroyed 157 aircraft, and cost the US federal budget almost $ 10 billion.

Still in this study, these incidents are mostly related to an insufficient number of flight hours for pilots and poor training programs, leading to a decline in the quality of flight crews. In addition, the latter would be too busy with ancillary tasks, particularly administrative, while training in simulators would, for their part, be poorly supervised and poorly applied, sometimes leading to risky behavior during flights, and causing accidents. Finally, problems in the logistics chain, leading to a lack of maintenance of aircraft, are also singled out by the NCMAS.

Even the very modern F35 is not immune to air accidents, 4 examples having already been destroyed in accidents, including 3 belonging to the US air force.

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