Should Europeans be equipped with a mechanism to help acquire defense equipment?

In an article published yesterday by the American site, the journalist Aaron Mehta presents the evolutions that the American authorities intend to bring to the mechanisms ERIP, for European Recapitalization Incentive Program,…

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Poland chooses American supplier for new anti-tank missiles

The United States Department of State has announced that it has granted the sale of 180 Javelin anti-tank missiles and approximately 80 firing stations for Poland. In itself, this sale is not ...

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How can the European Commission act in favor of the defense of Europeans today?

By the voice of its Commissioner for Industrial, Digital, Interior and Defense Affairs, Thierry Breton, the new European Commission of Ursula Van der Leyen has defined important ambitions for this…

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After Greece, Spain could join the Franco-Italian European Corvette program

Unveiled on November 12, 2019 by France and Italy to integrate the European Structured Permanent Cooperation Program, or Pesco, the European Patrol Corvette program aims to…

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President Macron opens the door to Polish participation in the Franco-German MGCS tank program

Traveling to Poland on February 4, E. Macron seems ready to start a diplomatic and political rapprochement with Poland, even though Paris and Warsaw are somewhat…

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The European Defense Agency is sounding the alarm: investments in military research have stalled

Despite an overall increase in total defense spending in Europe since 2014, the European Defense Agency (AED) highlights in its latest report a decrease considered to be "worrying" in equipment purchases…

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Belgium, Romania, Greece ... those European countries that trust the French defense industry

At the beginning of the 2000 years, and for nearly 15 years, the French defense industry failed to sign any significant contract autonomously in Europe, and ...

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