Germany wants a European close air defense program SHORAD

Close air defense is undoubtedly one of the great vulnerabilities of modern European armies. After 30 years of asymmetrical engagements during which the air threat was non-existent or controlled by the ...

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With the Skyranger 30, Rheinmetall positions itself on SHORAD systems in Europe

With the return of the threat of so-called High Intensity conflicts, ie opposing heavily equipped armies with access to advanced technologies, numerous armies ...

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Russia presents next evolutions of the Pantsir anti-aircraft system

The Russian Pantsir-S close-quarters air and missile defense system has been a major commercial success of the Russian defense industry in recent years, having been exported to 11 countries ...

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The US Army will receive its first IM-SHORADs this fall

In June 2018, the US Senate Defense Committee gave its authorization to urgently include in the 2019 finance law, the first budget line of the IM-SHORAD program, ...

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