With the Skyranger 30, Rheinmetall positions itself on SHORAD systems in Europe

With the return of the threat of so-called High Intensity conflicts, i.e. opposing heavily equipped armies with access to advanced technologies, many European armies again became interested in close-range anti-aircraft defense systems, or SHORAD (Short Range Air Defense) for the English acronym, in order to be able to protect mobile forces and sensitive sites against combat aircraft, helicopters or cruise missiles. But the central role played by drones and stray munitions deployed by Azeri forces during the Nagorno-Karabakh war of 2020, highlighted the urgency of this need, in the face of weapons whose use is no longer reserved for high-tech armies.

As such, SHORAD solutions are now often at the heart of the attention of the media and delegations at armaments shows, as was the case during the IDEX 2021 exhibition held last week in the Arab Emirates. United. As a result, many manufacturers have embarked on a race to offer their SHORAD solution, and thus potentially attract new customers, even if the urgency of acquiring these systems seems not yet to have been fully integrated by political decision-makers. which steer the development and modernization plans of the armed forces, particularly in Europe.

The Pantsir very short range anti-aircraft system, made in Russia, is today one of the most advanced SHORAD systems, even if it encountered serious problems in operational use when faced with drones.

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