Mi-28NM combat helicopter to receive extended range anti-tank missiles

Once again, the Syrian experience was used by the Russian armies and industrialists to improve the combat effectiveness of forces and equipment. The MI-28M helicopter was deployed several times in the Syrian theater, and carried in standard configuration the 9M120 Ataka-B anti-tank missile, a radio-controlled missile with a range of 10 km. However, helicopters are very exposed to anti-aircraft missiles and artillery systems during the implementation of these missiles, requiring a line of sight, and whose reduced range puts them at a distance for these systems.

This is why the MI-28 will undergo a makeover, to be brought to the NM standard, with new optronics, reinforced armor, fire detectors and more powerful engines. Above all, the new helicopter will be equipped with a new anti-tank missile, identified for the time being by the code “article 305”.

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