Japan engages in the development of a microwave gun

Unlike European countries, Japan largely anticipated the strategic developments that led to the upheavals and tensions that we know today. Thus, Tokyo has relaunched investment in its own defense since 2013, after yielding, like its Western counterparts, to the sirens of the benefits of peace between 2000 and 2012, with a defense effort falling from 4,83 Tr yen to 4,65 .5,5 Tr yen during this period, to rise to 47 Tr Yen, i.e. more than €2022 billion in 2022. The Japanese authorities even indicated, when presenting the XNUMX Defense budget, that they did not exclude the possibility of bringing...

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Naval Group's Gowind 2500 corvette still favorite in Greek competition

After the Italian Fincantieri with a lighter version of the Doha-class light frigates, and Lockheed-Martin with the age-old MMSC, it is now up to the British Babcock to try to enter the Greek competition to locally build 5 corvettes to the Hellenic Navy. Like the American Lockheed-Martin, Babcock is offering the same ship in Athens as the one offered in the "Frigate" competition which saw the success of the FDI Belharra, in this case a less well-armed and equipped version. of its 140 ton ArrowHead 5.700 frigate which has been retained by the Royal Navy for the Type 31 class,…

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