The two-seater version of the 5th generation Chinese fighter J-20 finally unveiled

The information had been creating a buzz on specialized Chinese social networks for a few days, the eagerly awaited two-seater version of the 5th generation J-20 fighter had apparently carried out its first high-speed taxiing tests, a phase prior to the first flight tests. But the photos published then were either of very poor quality, or crude Photoshop montages intended to attract the curious. Yesterday, however, a first video leaving no doubt about the veracity of the thing made its appearance, showing a two-seater J-20 on a taxiway, confirming in passing both the existence of the device, and the condition of it. supposed progress of the program. It is not only a device that potentially offers significant new capabilities to the Chinese Air Force, but also the first two-seater 5th generation fighter to be publicly revealed.

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