Israel, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and UAE reportedly discuss military alliance against Iran

The enemy of my enemy is my friend, says an Italian proverb. And it is true that there is nothing more effective than a pressing and major threat to bring nations that have hitherto opposed everything, to discover links and to form alliances. We naturally think of the United States and the Soviet Union during the Second World War, but such examples are strewn throughout the history of mankind, beyond continents, eras and cultures. However, to imagine only a few months ago that Jerusalem, Riyadh, Abu Dabi and Manama could negotiate, admittedly unofficially, a military alliance outside of American supervision, hold for much science fiction.

Yet this is what the 4 states seem to have undertaken, according to information published by Israeli news channel I24News, in order to cope with the growing power of Tehran both from a military point of view and through its territorial influence in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen. The discussions would be confidential and unofficial, according to Israeli journalists, especially since the Hebrew State and the Wahhabi Kingdom do not maintain any diplomatic relations to date. On the other hand, the discussions are now largely simplified due to the reciprocal recognition and the opening of diplomatic representations between Israel and the UAE in October 2020 through Donald Trump and his Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, followed by a few weeks later by an identical agreement between the Hebrew state and Bahrain.

Normalization of Israel-UAE relations a major diplomatic achievement to be credited to Mike Pompeo and Donald Trump

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