Attack on Saudi oil facilities reportedly carried out by Iranian weapons

According to the spokesman of the Iranian Armed Forces, Colonel Turki al-Malki, the attack on Saturday 14 September 2019 was allegedly carried out by weapons of Iranian origin, according to preliminary results of ...

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Donald Trump vetoes ban on arms exports to Saudi Arabia

President Trump is not at a glance. To justify his presidential veto on the ban passed by the congress, banning the export of arms to Saudi Arabia, the president has ...

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In the face of Iran, the United States strengthens its allies and their presence in the Gulf

The US State Department has announced that President Trump has used his presidential prerogative to authorize the execution of arms deals with Prince Ben Salman's Saudi Arabia, ...

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Paris and Ryad try to find a new modus operandi

On the occasion of the visit to France of Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, President Macron and French diplomacy are trying to restore a very distended link ...

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