Why is the European Defense Fund budget threatened?

On February 20, Heads of State of the European Union will have to decide on the budget allocated to the European Defense Fund, and on the proposal made by the Finnish Presidency aiming to halve the envelope devoted to this defense effort, in order to rebalance the financing of the Common Agricultural Policy following the exit of Great Britain of the Union. France, but also the European Commission and the European Parliament, have indicated that they are opposed to this reduction. However, it is likely that a significant reduction in the envelope will take place, on the altar of global balances of spending and investment between member states, with probably in the background, an American lobbying that we know very hostile to this European initiative.

But beyond the actions in the hands of some, and cyclical adaptations, is there not a set of structural factors that would permanently threaten the financing of the European defense effort? and if so, is there a solution to fix it?

The European corvette program is an example of the programs threatened by a reduction in European funds devoted to the European Defense Fund

A major structural imbalance

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